Thursday, April 4, 2013

Study break

My son is at kindy, and I am not studying.

Do I feel guilty?
Heck, yeah.

Do I need a break?

It is study break, and for the first time in the course of my degree, I am actually getting a break.  A real, live break from study.  No assignment due the day classes resume.  How this has happened, I do not know.  But I am grateful.

I did think about taking Munchkin out of kindy.  Mummy guilt and financial pressures combined to make me entertain the thought for a brief moment.  But only a brief moment.  He has just come through the "you are abandoning me and I'm going to scream my heart out" phase.  The staff commented earlier this week on how happy he was: the happiest they have ever seen him, laughing, smiling and playing with everyone.  There's NO WAY I want to jepardise that.  He is settled.  It has taken six weeks.  To all you parents out there hoping under your breath that it will be different for you: it probably won't.  I'm sorry to say it, but kids just seem to need a bit of time to get used to being away from us...Munchkin was okay for a few weeks, then terribly upset being left for a few, and is now back to okay - but even better.  It is as if Kindy is now HIS place.  He owns it, and he loves it.  But we had to come through the hard stuff in order to get to this great place we are now in.  So I'm definitely not messing with that.  Even though today is costing us $25.  $25 which I could quite happily spend in any number of other, perhaps even more urgent ways, than having my child looked after by someone else today.  But I am choosing to spend that money because it is good for him and it is good for me.  My entire existence since having Munchkin has been one huge juggle of Mummy-guilt and study-guilt, with swirls of Wifey-guilt on the side.  I hardly ever have time to myself that I can actually do what I want with...there's usually a VERY long list of things that need to be done, from study to household maintenance, and on and on and on.  Today is no exception.  Today, while I am childfree, I hope to accomplish:
Call Studylink (DONE!  Horray!  Sad that we are not entitled to more childcare support, I was hopeful, but good to confirm that things are as they should be and I can get extra help when on Practicum if needed...just need to find the extra $25/day we still have to pay!!!).
Call to arrange visit to local Christian school we are interested in putting Munchkin on the waiting list has a two year waiting list.
Sort Munchkin's newly bought clothes for winter.  (Just DONE!)

The clothes being sorted.  Front left = too big, keep for later, back left = too small now, pile on handbag = swap at store, red basket = to wash.  
Return three tops that really are too big, and exchange for a sweatshirt as I've realised we actually need one of those more.
Visit Farmers and look for socks for Munchkin, Mummy, and Daddy.  Ahhhh.  A store visit without my preschooler.  Seriously, have I told you about our visit to T & T yesterday???  Munchkin's attention span lends itself to happily trying on about two and a half pairs of trousers per visit.  I made him try on at least eight.  Maybe ten.  He ran from the store, in his underwear.  At least twice.  Arggghhhhh.  Embarrassing.  He hid behind the clothing racks.  He looked at tops that we couldn't buy (too expensive or too big or too small), before finally discovering a toy basket.  About the time I was ready to pay and leave, of course.  Note to self:  T & T has a TOY BASKET!  Make use of this next time, you duffer!  And try, try, try not to make the poor child try on so many pairs of pants in one sitting.  It's just that he has turned into this bean pole.  Size two pants are of course too short. But many size threes are too wide.  Not a good look, having your three year old with their pants down past their bum.  And ties, why do they insist on putting ties in pants for three year olds??!!!  Do you actually know a three year old who can tie a bow???  I don't.  Elastic, people, good old fashioned elastic.  My son can then at least pull his own pants up and down without mishap.  But I digress...Back to my list for today.
Visit Kathmandu and look for one or two sweatshirts for me.  I have one that has been a favourite for about ten years or so, and is finally starting to look a bit tatty.  Big sale.  Very hopeful Amy that there might be something in my price stuff perhaps??
Treat myself to a chai latte while I am in town.  Sit and enjoy the taste of every single sip of warm, milky, sweetly spiced chai.
Return off meat to Pak N Save.  Ugh.  Disgusting.  Nearly fed it to my family.  How gross.  Also return very cool yoghurt container that's chiller pack has a hole that is leaking gooey blue stuff into the container.  Not impressed.  Really hoping they have another blue one, as the Munchinator will be somewhat upset if I come home with a different colour!
Top up petrol with a 25c off voucher before it expires.
Go to Mega 10 and look at materials for Munchkin's birthday present.  Maybe return home with them, depending on whether they fit in my car and whether I can make a coherent decision today.  Building will commence (and hopefully conclude!) next week.
Find out where my Practicum placement is.   Hopefully today is the day.  Then I have four weeks to organise childcare, etc, etc, etc.  Breathe, Amy, breathe. 

I did want to go for a walk, but I'm no longer so sure seeing as it is actually raining today.  I might stroke a guinea pig or play the piano, or just sit and do NOTHING for a few minutes.  What luxury!

What are you up to today?


MaxineD said...

Today I am hoping to do some washing and get it dry outside, a quick trip to town and then some studio time and to get ahead with some orders.... on and I have a haircut booked for this afternoon, and someone coming to learn how to use a worm farm. Busy day I think :-)

Love and blessings

Claire said...

That is one LOOOOONG list of to-do! Hope you got it all done! What school are you planning on sending Munchkin to that has such a long wait list?

Amy said...

Hey Claire,
I got most of the list done, some left for other days (which is pretty normal!).
The Tauranga Adventist School is the one we are looking at.

Elizabeth said...

WOW - you might not have been studying, but you certainly didn't have any 'you' time... that is one impressive list ;-)!