Thursday, April 4, 2013


It was good.

No one asked for the little chocolate.  I got to eat it all by myself.  There were no requests for some foam off the top.  The tissue around it didn't end up screwed into a ball.  There was no drumming with a teaspoon on the table.

I had a few minutes of peace, sipping my warm, spicy drink, watching 'the world' go by while I had a (far too brief) moment of rest.  I did not miss my son.  I did, however, rather relish the big hug I got when I picked him up from kindy.  And I enjoyed reading a favourite book before bed.  I even managed not to feel too irritated when he emerged from his bedroom a few minutes ago needing the loo and a Mummy cuddle before  he is now succumbing to sleep.  Sometimes, a bit of alone time really helps one enjoy the together time more.  I highly recommend it.

During my travels today, I learned two startling things.

I apparently have feet the size of an 8-10 year old.  Yup.  That would explain why it is so hard finding anything that fits them!  I wasn't sure whether to laugh at this revelation or just feel annoyed.

My son, on the other hand, has feet that are in a size 7 already.  I'm guessing for a boy, size 7 is probably around a four year old (give or take a year or two either side, right?!)?  He has been in a seven for nearly a year I think.  Long feet, like his daddy's.  This, however, is not my second startling piece of new information as I did already know that.

This is:
My son is no longer in the 97th percentile in height or weight.  He is, in fact, closer to the 85th.  Hubby checked today.  Interesting.  Very interesting.  After being in that bracket from around 8months old until he was two and a half, it is fascinating that his growth has slowed.  The weight isn't such a surprise.  Our 'solid' little boy (that's what people used to call him - drove me mad!) has turned into a bean pole.  All legs and he'd be lucky if he's more than half a kg heavier than he was at fifteen months old!  I now have trouble clothing him for the opposite reasons I had a year or so ago.  Back then, it was finding something big enough.  Now, I'm trying to find something long but narrow.  Not an easy feat.  I've had to stop buying second hand clothes.  I am disappointed, but resigned.  We did really well out of them.  And it's not to say we won't buy them ever again, just that at the moment at least, almost anything that has been worn by another child is already stretched too wide for Munchkin.  Buying new is horrifyingly expensive, even on special.  Only $10-13 for a pair of pants is pretty good really.  But I had to buy five.  Ouch.

So, our boy is no longer as tall as he used to be.  Or rather, he is no longer that much taller than his friends as he used to be.  I'm wondering if we are due for a growth spurt soon though...feels like it has been awhile.  Grin.



MaxineD said...

Trust Boyo to work the stats on Munchkin!! :-)
Oh the joys of children - they are always unique.
Glad to know you enjoyed your quiet time.
Blessings and love

Elizabeth said...

We are just starting to whole quiet time thing around here... every other weekend I get a few hours to myself (worked in and around the kids and any commitments we have made), and on the alternative weekend hubby gets a few hours. So far, so good... hence all the blog posts today!