Monday, June 17, 2013


And in honour of the pleasures of reading (having just completed an entire paper about the wonderful world of good literature), I would like to share that reading can take many forms.

Boyo and Munchkin peruse the Toy World flyer.

Boyo likes reading the junk mail and Munchkin looks set to follow in his footsteps.  Just as long as he doesn't start asking for things from it, I am fine with that!

Munchkin notices cars from the "Cars Movie, Mummy."  The one he watched on "The Big Plane" when we went to his uncle's wedding late last year.  It has been imprinted on his memory.  He spent days going back to this flyer, finding all the cars, trucks, planes, trains, and machines in it.

Really, if you think about it, this form of reading is just as valid as reading a good picture book or novel.  Okay, so maybe not quite as enlightening.  It probably won't present new understandings of the world and it's level of vocabulary might be a little limited.  BUT, it's another way for children to access print, to realise that reading has many benefits (such as knowing how much a toy you want costs on special, for instance!!), and to gain appreciation for their own ability to decipher and understand.  It's good for Munchkin to see how many different uses print has, so the Toy World flyer had it's day in the limelight.  It's since been replaced by a paper, some cards...the list goes on.  Reading is a wonderful thing!


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MaxineD said...

Like Poppa, like father like son - must be a man thing!! :-)
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