Thursday, June 20, 2013

It is cold

I do believe that it is officially cold in NZ at the moment.  Not that we haven't had it cold before.  Or that we won't have it cold again.  But it is a bit of a shock to the system, all the same.  The autumn was almost non-existent, and winter thus far has for the most part been quite tame.  The occassional chilly day to remind us that it is no longer autumn, but nothing terribly cold.  Which of course makes this feel even colder than it actually is.  I think my hands are in shock.  So is my nose.  And my feet.  Oh, that's right.  They were like that last week anyway!  Doesn't take much cold to send this bod reaching for the blankets and extra clothes.

Coldest place in my house?
Right here, in front of my laptop.  The office is a fridge.  Doesn't get any sun, left the window open this morning to air it out and came home around lunch time to find the driving wind (and a bit of rain) helping itself to my desk.  Ugh.  Window was promptly shut.  Office has failed to warm more than marginally since.

Okay, so maybe I am exagerating about the temperature.  I had to go into the garage a few minutes ago.  Definitely colder out there.  Decided that the building project can wait until morning (do you think I will feel more like being in the freezing garage in the morning?? I guess I can hope?).  The office is a better bet, even if it does feel decidedly fridge-like.  Grin.

Warmest place in my house?
Top of the stairs.  Ah.  Perhaps that's where I should be then? I could always perch my laptop on my knees?  Seriously, all the warm air from the heater in the lounge piles up there in a heap, pushing and shoving, trying to be the first to the top of the house, the first to escape out the bathroom window.  So I may as well make the most of it before it all disappears.

Nah.  Bed will be warmer, I'm sure.  Hot water bottle, duvet, mink blanket (doubled over), woolen tops,  flannelette pj pants.  Two pairs of socks, beanie on my head.  Toasty.  And I haven't even aired out the winter weight wool duvet yet.  Boyo probably wouldn't talk to me for months...he did however, decide that tonight he will use the feather duvet.  The mink blanket might not be quite enough tonight, so hopefully he won't sweat his way through the wee smalls under the feather duvet (talk about chalk and cheese - the two of us!).

Air temp (in the bedroom)?  Probably around 14.  Not bad at all, when you consider it's under 5 outside. 
Ah, the joys of insulation.

I'll see you lot in the morning.  Well, actually I probably won't.  I'm off galavanting.  A day and a half of recharging and girls-only banter.  Definitely taking my hot water bottle and my wool coat though!



MaxineD said...

Yup - a tad cool over here too :-). We are in bed early and keeping warm cheaply. We broke out the winter duvet some weeks ago.
Love and blessings

Elizabeth said...

oh, oh, oh - where are you off to (and who with)? Tell me more...