Friday, June 7, 2013

Are you SURE it's not Saturday?

My mind and body are both convinced that today MUST be Saturday.

Yet I KNOW that it is only Friday.  If it was Saturday, I would have cleaned my parent's house today.  I have spent the better part of the day reminding myself that no, it is not the weekend.  Today is FRIDAY Amy, get that in your head!

Today is Friday, today is Friday, today is Friday.

Nope, still not working!

Ah, I suddenly realise why.

I have just spent four weeks working full time.  The only days of the week where we didn't have to be up and out of our house by 8:10am was Saturday and Sunday (and they were 9am and 9:40am respectively)!  As today we got up and pottered around at home until 10am, of course I am feeling a little confused. 

It does feel so nice though, not having to be anywhere.  We were going to see friends, but they are sick.  I'm really sorry, we miss them and they miss us and I feel so for them not feeling well.  But today I must admit I didn't mind as much as usual that we missed out on our social time.  Munchkin is talking about this friend and that friend at Preschool, so it's not like he is desperate to see people.  Mummy could do with a natter with a friend, but I can also do with some down time.  So down time it is.

So today is Friday.  A cruisy, laid back Friday.  Boyo has returned to work.  Not that he'd stopped work, but he had to take leave from his usual Friday afternoon shift.  It's a good thing he remembered he had to start back today, 'cos I sure didn't!  It just seems all out of whack, that he's out working this afternoon.  And yet, this has been our routine for ages.  Moving and teaching placement have just thrown everything out of kilter and left me in a fuddle.

But the good news?  If today ISN'T Saturday, that means I STILL GET TO ENJOY IT TOMORROW!

Ahhhhh.  Now that's a nice thought.  Grin.



MaxineD said...

Enjoy your Saturday tomorrow - I have spent most of today in the garden, so I think I will be having a quieter Saturday too.
Love and blessings

Elizabeth said...

Ahhh yes - I also love Friday afternoons, it means the weekend is still to come...

However, come Sunday afternoon I have to keep reminding myself to relax and enjoy it still... tomorrow might be Monday, but it's not here yet!