Monday, June 17, 2013

Branching Out

We are fond playdough users in our house.

Munchkin can get his own playdough out of the fridge door, unwrap it, and set to with diggers, dumptrucks, and rollers.  He frequently does.

There are, of course, the frequent requests for Mummy to "Make a road," as Munchkin's three year old rolling and flattening abilities are still not up to his road-making standards.  Grin.

We tried putting lentils in our playdough last time, after reading about offering different tactile feels on The Imagination Tree.

Don't think I'll be doing that again.

Love the look.  Bright orange in the blue playdough.  (Blue that later got mixed up with the green batch!)

Do not love finding lentils over my carpet, in my kitchen, scattered over tables, and lurking in corners.

Something smaller would work well, I think.  Something that doesn't have the exuberant need to leap from the playdough at every opportunity. Something like glitter.  Current lot of playdough is yellow with blue glitter.  Mummy's choice of colour, Munchkin's choice of glitter.  It also smells of oranges.  Yum.  He doesn't seem to notice, but I sure enjoy the smell when the playdough is out.

But back to our spotted alien invention.  It was used for many purposes.  Cars, mostly.  (Seen here before being mixed with green - in a mostly-blue state!)

But we also had some birthday cakes, and a friend really enjoyed chopping.  He chopped cakes, he chopped sausages, he chopped, and he chopped, and he chopped.  Interesting.  My boy is not into chopping.  He rolls.  He squashes.  He digs, and he digs, and he digs.  Hehe.  I love seeing how different children can take the same material (like playdough) and put their own personality and interests into it, to give it a totally different slant.

(There are three candles.  I do hope you noticed them!)


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MaxineD said...

Oh the joys of playdough!! May an happy hour was spent with the playdough in our house too.
Love and blessings