Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Bit of Company

My son and I are both highly social.

Yet the life we lead is not exactly conducive to frequent social interactions.  Sometimes there are days we're alone, when we'd much rather be with others.

But at times like that, it's always good to know that Clara will keep us company.

She's good like that.  Always available, always cheerful.  Clara was my dolly when I was little, and now she loves to spend time with Munchkin too.

Some weeks we don't see much of Clara.  She's busy sleeping in her little bassinet, quiet in a corner of his bedroom.  But other weeks, she's a very sociable doll.

He takes her in the car.  He cuddles her in bed.  He dresses her, and gives her breakfast in her highchair.

And one day, she went for a walk...

Clara is good company.  She even likes the local playground.

Sometimes all you need to turn a routine walk on an ordinary day into something amazing is a bit of company!


ps - "They" say that boys who are encouraged to play with dolls develop a higher level of empathy and compassion than their counterparts who do not.  Sounds good to me!  Although, I wonder what taking your dump truck on a walk might mean?  We've done that before too!  Grin.

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Maxine D said...

What a faithful friend CLara is :-)!!
Blessings and love