Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hidden Spaces

Have you ever noticed how pre-schoolers like to hide?  Behind the couch.  In the cupboard.  Under the bed.  Munchkin has his favourite haunts at home.  Then there's the love of running ahead with one of us on a walk, to lie in wait (half hidden!) for the other (supposedly) unsuspecting parent to stumble upon us and get a fright! 

And have you ever noticed how taking something really straightforward and simple and changing how you do it can totally change the experience?  Like having lunch on the deck instead of in the house.

Over summer we found a perfect little hidey-hole, tucked away from one of our usual walking paths.  Just a few minutes stroll from home, this little glade was the perfect place for a picnic.

So we packed up our afternoon tea and headed out for a walk.  It turned the meal, and the walk, into something of an adventure!

Photo taken by Boyo of our picnic area!
There was, of course, a stop to pick blackberries on the way.  My idea, but Boyo's tenacity when it came to the bounty across the creek! 


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Maxine D said...

Oh yes - As parents we can totally change the day by a simple change of routine, even when both the environs and event are within 'normal'.
Love and blessings