Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sewing by Experience

I did some sewing over summer.

There was this list, you see.  A list I'd had since LAST summer.  Unfinished.  Stuffed in a bag in the sewing desk.  Waiting.

This time, I got at least half of my list done.  That's pretty good I think, considering my sewing skills are rusty at best.

I have still not fixed straps on two dresses I've owned, but not worn, for nearly 18 months.  Ugh.

But, I have turned a pair of cargo pants into shorts (the knees were worn through).  And spent many happy days wearing them over summer.  I think I like them better as shorts than I did when they were pants!  I'm hoping I might get another summer out of them before they get holes in places I cannot mend!  Grin.

I turned a pair of jeans into jean shorts.  They had worn out knees too.  I'd not planned on doing this, but am glad I did.  They make comfortable shorts, just as they made comfortable jeans (thanks bros, your gift lives on!).

I added to my sewing list half-way through by finding a rather nice, almost unworn pair of jeans at a second hand store for the princely sum of about $8.  They, of course, needed hemming.  So I did.  I am VERY proud of myself, that I didn't just ask a friend, my mother, or my mother-in-law to do this for me.  I even went and found a matching weight and colour thread.  Hemming them did pretty much take the entire day that Munchy was at preschool (5hours)!  But hopefully it will be well worth it.

I then proceeded to mend another dress I've had for 18months and hardly worn, because it was damaged.  It needed a tulle liner re-gathered, and reattached.  Done.  Have I ever mentioned that I really don't like gathering?!?  It also needed some hand stitching to mend a piece down the front.  I'm really happy with how that turned out.  It was quite difficult to pick up the fine fabric (which had frayed) and get it looking okay.  Again, I impressed myself with my abilities (and patience!).  This time I managed to find some matching cotton in my mum's stash.

Next were the cushions.  Now, having made four cushion covers I consider myself to be somewhat of an expert, not!  Note to self: would have been easier if I'd found a pattern online or something. Might not have had to unpick that zip so many times!  I made two small covers for myself, with two different zip-into-fabric methods.  Which do you prefer?  I actually think I prefer the zip showing, rather than hidden.  Partly because of how much work the hidden one was!  I've had the inserts for years (like 5 or so!). The fabric was on sale.  $3 a metre. The cushions now grace my chair.

I made two cushion covers for my mum with some fabric I found that matches her new throw and cushion colours.  It was her birthday present.  Although she only got one on the day!  And that took me pretty much all day to make.  Thankfully the second one was a bit easier.  Again, experimentation with zips and such went on, and the second was a much better made piece of sewing (yay!  I got better!).

There are still other things on my sewing list, but study has started again, so in all likelihood they will remain there until next summer!  There's the pair of jeans I want to replace the knees in.  I just love my grey jeans and don't want to give them up.  But they are old so I might only get another season out of them.  I think I'll ask a friend if she can do that job for me, as it looks a bit beyond my skill and patience.

And there's the pair of flannelette PJs that I need to sew back up.  I've unpicked them to lengthen them at the waist a little as they were, for some reason, smaller than the other pair they came with.  But haven't actually done the sewing.  Probably should do that one before summer.   Before winter, even!  Hmmmm.  Could be interesting.



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Maxine D said...

Well done on the sewing front :-). my machine decided that it would only sew in a straight line last night, no side swing at all for zig zag or overlock stitch, when I went to finish the pyjama top, so I have had to borrow a machine to finish them....
Love and blessings