Friday, May 2, 2014

Weight Lifting

My physio has told me that I shouldn't be lifting my boy.  Obviously, she's someone who knows these things.  But when he's crying, or sick, or I'm making him go to the toilet at night (and getting the Mummy-guilts for waking him up!) it's really hard to remember.  I'm used to it.  I've been trying to carry him less, and mostly managing, but this past week I've obviously done too much (that jolly Mummy-guilt!) and my peck muscle is sore again...still hasn't healed and now I've made it take even longer, grrr. 

I'm determined to try harder to protect myself.  Make Munchkin walk to the toilet at night.  Even if he's crying because mean Mummy woke him up (mean Mummy just doesn't want a wet bed!  If he'd sort out going to the toilet at night by himself, there wouldn't be a problem.)

The thing that stuck with me from sitting at physio yesterday was when she said that for my build, picking up 19kgs (that's my son!) is like the body building guys at the gym lifting weights.  Ahhhhh.  LIGHTBULB!  Hubby agreed.  It's like him lifting 35-40kgs.  Asked if he'd ever lift that at work, "Heck, no!  15-20kgs maybe, but not anywhere near that!"


So I really shouldn't be lifting something heavier that about 10kgs???

Not helpful.

Feeling a bit sad.  He's my baby, you know.  A whopping almost-four year old, over 1m tall, 19kg 'baby' but my baby all the same!

I guess we'll just have to have more chair snuggles instead.


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Maxine D said...

Definitely chair snuggles - I was watching you and later thought uh ah - not good :-(. I am not allowed to lift more than 10kg!
Blessings and love