Sunday, April 11, 2010

Borlotti Beans

My dad was the receipient of some gifted Borlotti Bean plants this year.

This is the result.

Borlotti Beans freshly shelled, with the vines ready to go in the compost heap.

For our small garden area, I think that fresh beans hold a lot more value - they produce so much more for the space they take up, as each time you harvest the plant is encouraged to produce more, whereas dried beans basically get left to their own devices until the end of summer.
I will probably put these on a tray to dry a bit more before storing them. I do love the colour, shape and sound of dried beans! Perhaps it reminds me of collages made at kindergarten?!?


1 comment:

MaxineD said...

all good soup fodder, those dried beans :-) And good compost from the vines, but as you say, space to fruit ratio is poor!