Monday, April 19, 2010

Word for the Week!

The word for this week is: discombobulated
Meaning: bewildered

I have taken it from
I find it so much fun to try and work out what some of the more obscure words on free rice mean! Plus there's the added bonus of knowing that each word I get correct helps someone in desperate need.

Don't you just love how DISCOMBOBULATED someone is lurching around drunkenly, tripping over themself, dazed, limbs hanging loosely, brain in a cloud of really sounds like its meaning. So cool. I really like words that sound like they mean.

And now for the really fun part. How can we use this word?

"The reading on Anthroposophy has left me feeling a little discombobulated."
Which I must say it did. I've been doing a report on Steiner education for my degree, and while I found the philosophies and curriculum information facinating as a whole, and some ideas very applicable for early years educators, Steiner's manner of writing/speaking and the depth of some of his underlying concepts (of Anthroposophy) left me reeling! So discombobulated is a good descriptive word.

I challenge you to use this word at least once this week, within its correct context, meaning and pronunciation! Hope you have fun with it!

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MaxineD said...

Love that word!!! but as to using it and saying it - the mind is dicombobulated!!