Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fridge Space

Our new fridge is terrific, but it certainly is not designed for people who eat green things. I mean, it has a built in vege bin that is the size of our car's glovebox! As everything I put in it seems to go limp rather fast, I am also guessing it is not sealed very well from the rest of the fridge. As we would only manage to keep a week's worth of fruit in there, never mind everything else, I decided to get a little creative with the remainder of our ample fridge space.

Here is what I came up with:

Our new vege bins - overflowing already due to preparing for a BBQ last week!

I spent AGES at the store, measuring container upon container. I had to call Boyo in the end. It is a good thing I did too, as the measurements I had with me for the fridge were not particularly accurate and I would have been somewhat less than impressed with myself if I had come home after such diligent container sourcing to find that they didn't fit anyway!

The major issue was that most containers were either too big or too small. While I could get something that was smaller, it wouldn't be an efficient use of the space. I am somewhat keen on efficiency. I did not like the idea of having big gaps in my fridge, which would either get filled with stuff (that would most likely subsequently be 'lost' or 'overlooked' until it grew and smelt bad) or sit vacant (what a waste of space!). Eventually I came up with a solution that I was happy with. I ended up with 3 containers, 2 square ones and a tall rectangular to fill the otherwise 'wasted' space. At present, the tall one holds carrots, the blue lidded one has lettuce and cabbage, and the white lidded one has zucchini, mushrooms, ginger, celery, cucumber, and so forth. I still have tomatoes sitting in an icecream container on the shelf above. I've got fruit in the vege bin in the bottom of the fridge, as well as on another shelf higher up. So we eat a lot of fresh food. It's not exactly a crime. In fact, it is rather good for us! I'm glad I've found a way to keep it all relatively fresh and well organised. Hopefully this way we will not 'lose' any in the bowels of the fridge. It took a few hours of work to organise and sometimes I do find myself wondering if all my 'organising-ness' is worth it. In this case, I'd certainly have to say it has been. The new vege bins are easy to move in and out of the fridge, and easy to locate - "It's in the blue one, Boyo." The time invested is already paying off and I am happy.


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MaxineD said...

Well done - you shame me with your organising-ness - but then that's what our uniqueness is all about, and I have other strengths!