Sunday, April 25, 2010


Our little Munchkin has been getting the hiccups! At least, that's what it feels like they are. If it isn't hiccups, there's some really weird kind of muscle twitching going on here. Apparently at least one of my brother's got hiccups in a big way, and when I told Mum what and where the twitches were she confirmed they are indeed hiccups. The funny thing is that they are faster than you or I would usually hiccup...sometimes really fast, sometimes not so fast, always repetitive.

I lie there at night, feeling this hic-hic-hic-hic-hic, and I so wish it would stop. so I can go to sleep. I wonder what Munchkin thinks of it. Poor kid, probably doesn't even really 'get' what they are. Last night, I did suggest that Munchy give him or herself a fright (as this is supposed to stop the hiccups)! I have thought about helping out in that department, but so far have been far too compassionate and nice towards my baby to deliberately try and find a way to give it a fright. So we just put up with the hiccups. Along with the bum that is now sitting up against my right ribs, and the feet that are jabbing me in the left side. I am wondering how much more this kid is going to grow? There's kinda not anywhere else for it to go, other than outwards of course, and my skin already feels like I've hidden a fully enflated basket ball under my shirt, and that it might pop if any more pressure is added! Ah well, I guess these things have a way of just happening because they need to.

At antenatal class yesterday we watched a short video on post natal depresssion. The lady made a comment that I found really liberating. She said that one of the myths in our culture is that pregnancy is wonderful and enjoyable, but that in reality many women find it incredibly hard. (I think she was leading up to telling us a similar thing about motherhood!). I have thought this throughout my pregnancy - that I came into it with a very naieve idea of what pregnancy was or might look like, which was rather a shock. I have not been comfortable, or particularly happy or excited. Instead, there have been times I've felt incredibly guilty for feeling this way (you're pregnant right, and you wanted a baby, so you should be ecstatic!), even while acknowledging that there's a whole lot of stuff going on that I have to sort through emotionally and physically during these months. I didn't need it, but it was really nice to hear from someone else that pregnancy is not all daisies and sunshine, all the same. After all, just about every couple in the antenatal class said their favourite thing about the pregnancy has been the baby's movement. Uh huh. Then they got to me, and I said I don't actually enjoy it all that much (what sacrilege!) is all just a bit too uncomfortable you know. Being of such a small build myself, I either end up with a baby in my groin and bladder, or in my rib cage. I do enjoy knowing that Munchkin is alive and well, and apparently active and happy. And it is pretty amazing seeing the rather odd shapes my belly can become (it is very rarely a nicely shaped, even curve now - there's usually a lump on one side or the other from Munchkin's back or butt). Boyo thinks it is really cool, but I could happily go with a bit less movement, provided we still had a healthy bubs in there! So anyway, for anyone out there considering pregnancy just be smart and realise it is not a happy-happy-joy-joy ride for everyone. For many of us, it is uncomfortable, tiring and darn hard work on many different levels. I am told it is totally worth it in the end, though!

Amy and the hiccuping Munchkin!

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MaxineD said...

Thankfully the memories of the discomfort fade, rapidly, when Munchkin is here and you are both happy with each other!