Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Anyone for Carrot Peel?

Last night, my son ate a carrot peeling directly off the kitchen floor. The good news is that the floor has been vaccumed within the past week, so it isn't too dirty (just don't think too hard about how dirty a kitchen floor can get in a couple of days!). The carrot peel had fallen there just moments before as I peeled carrots for dinner. And he does not normally subsist on carrot peelings. He is, in fact, a very well-fed little boy! His diet yesterday included: porridge, stewed apple, sultanas, banana, corn cracker, melon, blueberries, fried rice with bacon and egg and carrot, onion, and zucchini, grapes, mixed veges and lamb, and a bit of spaghetti bolognaise. Definitely doesn't need the carrot peel to survive! The other good news is that, for once, he actually picked up something that IS edible by his mother's standards. Some days I wonder if his first words will be, "Not in your mouth!" as I fish yet another bit of cardboard, stone, plastic, string, or other small bit of something-or-other out of his mouth. Much to his dissappointment. I let him keep his carrot peel.

Another recent experiment in the eating department - he likes playing with the onions on the kitchen floor: the box is easily accessible, they are very cool to roll around, and the peel is kinda interesting - only Mummy keeps spoiling the fun by removing any peel and saying her perpetual "Not in your mouth!"


Wednesday, 23rd March, 2011

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MaxineD said...

Never mind eating the garlic before you found him playing with the onions!!