Saturday, March 26, 2011

Where's the Baby?

On a recent visit to my parents-in-law, Munchkin had a much-needed nap in their cot, which has seen over 30 years of babies and is still going strong! It is a little smaller than a standard cot nowadays, but oh, so cute! My mother-in-law kindly makes it up every time they are expecting a grandbaby visit. I came in to check how he was doing, and wondered where on earth he had got to.

He doesn't usually end up burrowed like this. The usual routine at home seems to be creeping 'up' the bed and sleeping sideways across the headboard, far away from any carefully prepared blankets. I am rather glad for sleepng bags so I know he is at least semi-warm until I find and rearrange him! In this case I think he simply unfolded the sheet where it had been nicely tucked over the blanket, and wah-lah, disappearing baby act!

I fished him out. Or rather, very delicately and quietly fished the sheet out from under him until his face was clear, and then left him to the rest of his much-needed sleep.


Saturday, 26th March, 2011


MaxineD said...

Delightful, I still smile when I see this.

Elizabeth said...

Precious little boy!