Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Peggy Squares

They just keep coming. Every time I think to myself that there's no way I'm going to have time to do any knitting in the next few weeks or months, I end up surprised to find yet another square finished.

At the moment, there are two reasons for my knitting prowess. Firstly, I often knit a few rows while Munchkin sits on his potty at nappy changes. He is usually pretty happy to sit there and do his business, and play with a rattle or somesuch in between...but I stay close by to retrieve him before he lands face first, or tries to clamber off in search of more interesting occupations (as an aside, he has managed to escape after his bath, completely naked, and crawl madly across the floor on several evenings lately while his poor frazzled mother is trying to get his nappy ready! Off he madly crawls, laughing as he goes, to then turn around and sit there grinning at me, waiting for the's a rather fun game apparently!). So anyway, I get a few rows knitted each day.

Then there is the post-study-wind-down time. I am now studying at night. I avoided this all last year, as I have in the past not studied at all well after about 7pm. I tend to find that I am either brain dead while studying, or that my brain refuses to turn off when I get to bed...either way it doesn't work well. So due to desperation, I have tried again. Day time study I do still do, but there are quite a few days in each week where this doesn't happen for one reason or another. Evenings are more likely to occur. I currently manage about an hour, then spend some wind down time so my brain will go to sleep! Wind down invariably consists of vegetating in front of the 'box' and knitting during the ad breaks. So I get a few rows done then too!

The result of my recent labours:

I am really quite chuffed. Now I just need to find a decently large amount of time to get all the finished squares out and start putting them together!


Wednesday, 30th March, 2011

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MaxineD said...

Those "run away and catch me" games are sooo much fun at that age!! L is at the same stage - even when E was well prepared!!
Enjoy while they last.
Great to know that you are getting some knitting done - I have managed to get some done too, recently ;-)