Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Can I Count the Onions?

I was cooking dinner last night, and found myself wondering if I can count the onions too.
This might sound like a rather odd thought, so let me explain...

Usual dinner practice is to include meat and three veg, or at any rate I try to have at least three different veges in the evening meal as we don't eat enough of them. I used to think that preparing meals was hard with a newborn. Well, I obviously hadn't tried doing it with a crawling 10month old, a husband out at polytech, and a deadline (Munchkin needing food and bed!). This leads us to last night's dinner. I had the makings of spaghetti bolognaise on the stove, and had managed to find frozen (or rather, defrosted, heated) corn and some carrot sticks. But I was lacking inspiration and lacking time. Munchkin was already disolving and had required feeding bits of bread while sitting on the kitchen floor to get him through to dinner time. He usually wants to eat about 5pm, and Boyo didn't get home till 5:30pm, and dinner was ready maybe 10minutes later. Munchkin did really well to last at all.

I found myself wondering if I could count the onions. As in, can I count onions as one vegetable? That would mean I had three, you see! Onions, carrots and corn. I suppose if I did that though, I could also count the fresh tomatoes that went into the spag bog, and the half tin of mushed 4beans mix (mushed so we hopefully don't feel like we are eating beans - a new experiment I am trying as beans are both cheaper and apparently better for us than meat, but do NOT taste nearly as good - last night's meal did taste okay, which is promising!).

It's funny how experience changes our expectations and values. Meals these days need to be very, very quick to make. They also need to be cheap and nutrious. One night recently we ended up having fish and chips because the casserole I'd carefully prepared was not ready. It was ready at least an hour after we'd eaten our takeaways, so I'm glad we didn't wait. I get to be a bit of a hungry monster (aka absolute grump!) when hungry. We ate the casserole for the next two nights instead, and it was excellent! So do you think I can count the onions?!?


Wednesday, 23rd March, 2011


Elizabeth said...

Totally - I sometimes have to do that also :-)! I will be tonight, as we only have beans and peas available at our disposal (shopping day tomorrow *grin*)!

Nice to see you back albeit briefly!

Lydia's most common phrase is 'That is not for eating', or 'Not in your mouth' as well... ahhh the joys!

MaxineD said...

Definitely - they are a white vegetable!!- and the more the merrier :-)

Maria said...

I wouldn't have thought to 'count' the onion, but you can definitely count the tomatoes! and probably the beans too.
Just found your blog btw, and I *like* it. I'm roughly the same age as you but on the other side of the world (UK).

Amy said...

Hi and welcome, Maria! Glad you enjoy my ramblings. It is amazing how much we can have in common sometimes despite being oceans apart. Amy