Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Clothing the Giraffe

Munchkin has had another growth spurt. I decided this week that the time had come to buy him some more trousers, when I realised that he had only one pair that actually fit. With the weather turning a little cool as we head into autumn properly, it seems a bit mean to expect him to keep wearing shorts! So we headed out to Zero to Five, our local second hand baby store. An hour later, we emerged, Munchkin having had a rather nice play in the special baby play area with all those toys he doesn't have at home, and Mummy having had a rather trying time trying to find trousers that fit around the waist, in the leg, and in the bum. We managed to find 6 pairs. 2 are lighter, for using now, and the other 4 for the really cool weather. All are probably a tad on the long side...Mummy being a little paranoid about him growing too much over winter and having trousers halfway up his legs! We were able to use a gift voucher some wonderful person gave us recently, which was wonderful. Cost $32.60 for 6 pairs of trousers. I'm pretty happy with that.

The other two pairs were already in the wash again by the time I got to take the photo!


Wednesday, 30th March, 2011


Elizabeth said...

Ahhhh - so have to get organised for winter... just not a happening thing lately! Might have to trawl Trade Me again - did earlier for winter clothes for her, but people were asking a lot of money I felt; so gave up!

MaxineD said...

Well clothed at a reasonable price :-) - you may well find these may last for two winters now,,,, hopefully!!