Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A New Toy

Munchkin has been very happily playing with a new toy this past week.

This ball cost $3 from a local "$2 / dollar value" style store. You can even get ones twice as big, which I think would prove to be a load of fun for lying on, and rolling around!

They are great because of the spikey bits. The ball itself is quite soft, so while it has good bounce, it is also really easy for hands to grab and keep hold of. I rather like it myself, being a somewhat ball challenged person! Don't you just LOVE the colour!?!? And I don't usually go for yellow. Grin.

Munchkin loves balls. He loves anything that can be thrown that will roll or clang. He discovered recently that the kitchen floor (being lino) is much better for rolling things on than the lounge carpet, so he started crawling there, with a shaker or small ball in one hand. Once there, he would sit up, and throw his object onto the floor in order to watch it roll. Lots and lots of entertainment. This has been encouraged and extended by his mummy! I give him metal lids. He's tried cake tins (they proved a bit loud for both his and my comfort so we've tried them on the carpet instead). I put a ball into a small plastic container for him to try and get out. He rolls the onions around the floor. The variations are endless.

But he now has a new game. He stands in front of one of his toy cubes (they are wooden cubes, stacked 2 high, I think about 400mm each). He clears most of the toys out of it onto the floor. Then he gets a ball, or one of his shape shakers, or perhaps a metal lid, and drops it onto the cube. There is just enough slope that a ball will roll from the back of the cube to the front, and fall onto the floor, to be picked up and the process started all over again! Immense concentration. Great determination. Lots of rolling, dropping, and shunting. Very, very cute.


Tuesday, 19th April, 2011


MaxineD said...

And time consuming so Mummy can get something done!! :-)

Elizabeth said...

Lydia is REALLY into throwing at the moment, and has some of those balls also - but the little variety!