Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Protecting the Furniture

Munchkin has decided he quite likes the round bed ends on our wooden queen bed. We quite like our bed. We got it second hand in Australia and liked it so much we brought it back with us...the only item of furniture that we shipped. We don't really want it to have chew marks all over it. So he gets told, repeatedly, "Not in your mouth!" I put my hand in the way. I pick him up and move him elsewhere. He returns. He can move quite quickly, so I turn around and there he is back at the bed end again, mouth wide open, happy gleam in his little eyes as he prepares to gnaw.

A recent experiment:

It failed! We have gone back to physical removal from the scene of the crime.


Tuesday, 19th April, 2011


MaxineD said...

Best teething ring around :-) Have you a wooden one to try? Just a thought as L also loved chewing on wood as she was teething.

Elizabeth said...

Haha - her cot and our coffee table will never be the same :-(!