Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Little Bit of Imagination

We have a sandpit on our back deck.
It was Munchkin's third birthday present, carefully built by me in the garage (which is currently housing an almost-but-not-quite-there delux guinea pig hutch!).

It's pretty much square, about 25cm deep, filled with grey sand.
But this folks, is no ordinary sandpit.

Some days, it's a racing track.  Other days, there are tunnels.

Sometimes big machines are hard at work.  Come summer, I'm sure there will be ponds.

This past week, we had a bridge.  Cars were getting tired, so a rest area was added.  It has a shelter, and a picnic table, and some trees.

Some cars liked it so much, they had really long rests!

The wood's just bits left over from past chook and guinea pig hutches, tucked away in a bag in the garage.  The 'trees' were simply pieces of bracken from around our place (seriously, we have a TON of bracken fern!).

Munchkin liked it so much we did it again a few days later.  This time we added some flower gardens too though.  Loads of white daisies in our lawn between mows at present.  Loads of fun.

All it takes is a little bit of imagination.  I'm amazed at all the different things we do with a simple sandpit.  It's not like we have heaps of other materials, just the important ones (CARS and DIGGING MACHINES!).
What have your little ones been enjoying using their imagination for lately?


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Maxine D said...

One has been [laying in his sandpit - one has shared morning tea with Ruby and the other I am not sure about :-). Great to see such creative play.
Blessings and love