Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bubble-wrap Boy

One of my birthday presents arrived snugly wrapped in a whole bunch of bubble wrap a few weeks back.

As we already have a good sized stash of bubble wrap that I've barely ever used, I decided, contrary to my usual hoarder stance, that I would throw this lot out.

However, as I was sitting looking at the gift, some little hands found the bubble wrap as it lay scattered on the table.


This stuff is really interesting.

I can squish it with my fingers and it makes a satisfying "pop."

Sometimes it's very tricky to get just right though.  I have to push down really hard.

I'm learning a lot from this fun, spontaneous activity.  I'm learning how to get my thumb and forefinger to work together to squish.  I'm learning that pressure has effects.  Not enough pressure, no satisfying pop. If I push with my whole arm it works better, so I stood up to get lots of extra strength through my arm.  I'm learning to maneuver my hands to get them in the optimal place for good popping.  I've been watching my mummy as she pops a few for me between her fingers, and copying her actions with my own small hands.

AND, I've had SO much fun!


ps - of course Munchkin was very closely supervised with bubble wrap as it is a plastic.  If we get it out again, I might try colouring some of the dots with a coloured vivid first and seeing if he can pop only the coloured ones, or count how many we can pop along a row perhaps.

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MaxineD said...

What fun - you can also stamp with bubble wrap :-) Makes great backgrounds.
Blessings and love