Sunday, October 13, 2013


Just in case you don't hear from me in the next little while...

I am still here.

Just not 'here' you know.  On my computer, yes.  Typing, yes.  Blogging, no.

Doing assignments.  Loads and loads of them.

The current rundown is:
Due in 1 week: Centre Design.  Not started.  Ugh.
Due in 2 weeks: Passionate Creed and Metaphor of Teaching and Learning.  3/4 done.  Priority for tomorrow??!
Due in 3 weeks: Website highlighting one area of technology and it's teaching impacts (I think, haven't looked at brief in awhile - really should get onto that but hoping for some guidance in class this week).
Due in 4 weeks: Leadership Report.  About 1/3 done?  Hard to tell.  Done loads of research/note taking.  Have interview to write transcript of and 2,000 word essay to write.  Deep sigh.

At least I don't have any exams after that!

This is of course on top of the mega garage sale I have a stall in next weekend, which requires the sorting of all Munchkin's past clothing and other assorted baby gear!

Did finish the delux guinea pig hutch this weekend, so there is some space in the garage!

See you all on the other side!

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Maxine D said...

All the best - and may you all stay healthy while this is being done!
Love and blessings