Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Last One at Last

The final blanket square is done (for my yearly contribution to Operation Cover Up)!
Or rather, the final strip.

Time to pose!

Or not?!

And of course, time to play...

A spider web!

A road!

Some bandages for hurt arms and legs!  Mummy and Daddy also had bandages at various times later in the day, but no photos to prove it.

Look who went shopping with us one morning, all wrapped up in a blanket!  I wish I'd got a photo of Munchkin sitting in the trolley with red bear tucked in beside him!

Now I only need to crochet the last two strips (one either side) onto the blanket and whip round the edge.

It's been a bit of a marathon effort.  They always are, but this one in particular seems to have been hard work to get finished.  Not that I dislike the hard work!  I do love to just sit and knit row after row of bright colours.  But I also dearly love to feel like I've accomplished things, reached my goals, finished.

I have (of course) started a new square for a new blanket.  I had a few days off.  And I'm really enjoying using some of my new colours, as I always do with each new blanket!  Isn't it funny how something that you love at first can become almost an object of loathing if you spend a lot of time with it? So glad to have changed colours.

What have you been creating lately?


1 comment:

Maxine D said...

Well done Amy - and Munchkin :-)
Creatively I have not done much recently - understandably.
Love and blessings