Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bone, Egg

We were playing with playdough.


Munchkin had found his huge stash of dough cutters.  Seriously, it is HUGE!  I bought it for the alphabet and letters, but it also has hats, cats, trees, candy canes, fish, ducks, stars, and sundry other items (some of which are easily recognisable, others that are ah, somewhat obscure!).

Every last bit of playdough got used, several days in a row, to make shapes.  He cut out butterflies, and cows.  He cut out trains and cars (the all time favourite shapes, of course).  They went all the way round the big dining table one morning when I emerged after an hour finishing an assignment.  Boyo was the enlisted help that time.

This particular play time though, we had bones and eggs, among other things.

I thought we could do a pattern.

"Look, Munchkin.  Bone, egg, bone, egg, bone...what do you think should come next if we want to make a pattern, make it the same?"

YES!  He totally got the concept of a basic repeating pattern. I think this is the first time I've ever seen Munchkin take in patterns.  But there he was, pointing away, "Bone, egg, bone, egg, bone, egg."  Over and over and over again!

Ah, the great life lessons that can be found in a ball of playdough.


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MaxineD said...

Ah the joys - many was the day that the builders polythene went onto the kitchen floor and the playdough kept employed for hours :-)
Love and blessings