Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 Goals

After reading Elizabeth’s post about her ‘Little Things’ goals for this year, I realised I’ve not really put my 2013 goals on paper. I usually have a huge list of goals before I start each year – often rolled over from the preceding one (grin) but this year they have been somewhat incomplete. I am inspired by Elizabeth though, so here are my goals in brief…

Goals for 2013

The Big Issues:

Maintain existing friendships with current four closest friends locally, one official and one unofficial mentor. Same for relationships with family and two closest friends out of town (including Boyo and Munchkin).

Survive study – that means pass, and do so in a sane mind without sacrificing the rest of my life for it!
To help:

Play piano (once a week?)

Cuddle guinea pigs (once a day)

Have a “Sabbath” once every week – that means NO STUDY one day a week (this is much harder than it might sound when trying to study around a young child).

Do cover up blanket including some crocheted strips (to learn to do more crochet in the hopes of one day completing a whole crochet blanket – I’ve had the wool for it for about 7 years!!!)

Finish Munchkin’s cardigan and maybe knit another (to embed the skills, though I’m wondering why I want to when pearl knitting makes my hand rather sore)

Things I’m really hoping for (but not expecting – most require more income than we are expecting, but hey, I might be surprised!):

Boyo having a good job in Civil and our income stay at the level it is (rather than dropping)

Being able to go to Waikane for a week’s holiday and also visit my two out-of-town childhood friends

Go camping overnight two times this year as a family (local, doesn’t cost much at all, it is more finding the time)

Visit family in Tokoroa and Auckland (and stay a few days for both)

Take Munchkin on his first annual trip to the snow (Boyo LOVES snow and wants to go every year but we haven’t managed recently)

Do another overnight tramp with my dad (loved the one we did last year!)

Do some public speaking

Host a few events (birthday party, fundraiser, etc)

The little things:

A clear dining table (preferably with flowers on it – but without spending much money at all on them)

A clean house (vacuum and bathroom every week, keep on top of mould and dust – hahaha)

Keep eating from our vege garden continue improving our diet

Write to our sponsored kids regularly (at least every three months!)

Regularly have down-time with God (still got to work out when – I need a set time each day for this to work well for me, but it can be as little as ten minutes)

Finish family photo frames off (extended family, half done, some more frames and photos needed)

Get a basket for toilet rolls in our loo room (been trying to find what I want for a few months already)

Have some long sleeved, light tops made for me before next summer so I can keep my arms out of the sun

Get Munchkin some letter/number somethings (magnets, poster, or make some letter cards?) as he’s just started recognising a few letters (much to our great delight and surprise as we haven’t really been exposing him to much

The immediate things (before study if at all possible):

Update all our life insurance

Apply for two scholarships

Finish sewing projects (2 skirts and some mending of dresses in particular)

Set goals for Share, the ministry I’ve launched at my church (to do this I first have to contact participants to get feedback)

Get Munchkin’s WINZ childcare subsidy finalised (but I have to wait on the preschool he’s attending to get their licensing number before WINZ will process it as they are still

busily building the preschool – praying they do open on Feb4 as that is my first day of study!).

Finalise my student loan contract (I am on scholarship but still have to do a loan each year which my scholarship then pays off)

File all our child sponsor letters in their own files (recently purchased for the task when I realised we have at least three years worth of letters sitting loose in our filing tray!).

Make plum sauce with the free plums from our neighbour’s tree (which I climbed yesterday to pick while Munchkin watched on)

Get our stroller FIXED

And I think I shall stop there before I work myself into a ‘got to get it done’ frenzy. It is time for a rest. I need one. We’ve been out getting our car’s Warrant of Fitness done which means a morning spent walking round town doing errands and visiting the library before we could pick up the car from the mechanics. Incidentally, Munchkin loved going to the mechanics. And the library. And having sushi. And seeing several cherry pickers on a building site and two fire engines with sirens blaring. Mummy is just glad to be home!


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MaxineD said...

Hmm - just stick to your main goals or you will be overwhelmed.
I have not set goals, but I do have a motivational/inspriational word for the year :-). First time ever!
Blessings and love