Monday, January 28, 2013

Glad That One's Over

It’s been a tough week.
Realised I need a new laptop.  I had vaguely thought I should look at updating it soon, but the screen had a spaz recently that it hasn’t fully recovered from.  This means I now get a headache and nausea if I spend more than a few minutes staring at it.  Not helpful when you are an online student with ALL your workload online (they aren’t even sending out course work this year except by request – I will be requesting!).
Dentist visit.  Munchkin had a wonderful time playing with a friend.  I had a painless visit.  That was okay.  Being told I need to find $350 and an hour without my son in the next little while was not so okay.  I’m wondering if my calcium reserves got sucked into oblivion by my delightful boy while he was kicking around inside me.
Thrush.  Ugh.  I’m so over it.
Still have an upset stomach since taking antibiotics just after Christmas for a rather nasty cold.  My husband told me yesterday that I smelt like a dead hedgehog.  Why am I telling you this?  It made me laugh (and I needed to laugh).  I thought maybe it might give you a chuckle too.
Not that the antibiotics made me well.  Better, yes.  Well, no.  Still have lingering issues with sore ears and raspy throat.  Grr.
Big gnarly decisions.  Very tired brain.  Not that the tired brain part is unusual, but feeling it very keenly at present.
Some things that have really disappointed me, left me feeling very hurt.  But I am feeling God’s faithfulness and working my way back to the surface.
I am increasingly grateful to have Boyo walking beside me.  He has not told me what I did wrong, or that I should just ‘get over it.’  He’s let me have my (many) emotional moments, my questions, doubts, rants and raves.  He knows that I take ages to process things, that my brain just has to gnaw away at every angle before laying it to rest and he has let me do that.  I am very blessed to have him in my life.

Even in this somewhat gnarly week, there were some good highlights.

Final two skirts finished (okay, so the orange one still needs some overlocking but the overlocker is inaccessible till next week so I cheated and took a photo now so I don’t have to later!).

Stroller wheels fixed.  No charge to us (after some ah, persuasion on my part that it was indeed a manufacturing fault).
Alphabet cards made.  Just capitals for now as they are easier to recognise.  Once Munchkin is ready, I will do some lowercase.  For now, we are just going to look at them when he is interested, or after seeing a letter on an outing.  He’s only two and a half, it’s not like he needs to read next week.  I’m simply following his interest and seeing where it leads.  Thus far, the interest is leading to many new letter discoveries and interesting conversations!

Stones inside the house.  Equals lots and lots of occupation for Munchkin which means hassle-free dinner preparation for Mummy.  Totally worth having to watch very carefully so I don’t roll my ankle on an unsuspecting stone!

Visits with friends and family.  I remembered recently that we can have people around for dinner from time to time, so we did!
Trips to the beach and the airport.

Wall planner up and mostly filled in.  Well, my stuff at least.  Boyo’s still waiting on some of his timetable.  I’m still waiting on my assignment dates but have holidays and exams already up there.  I think we managed to find somewhere for the planner that doesn’t make it feel like it takes over our whole living space?  After all, this baby is a metre wide by 800mm high.  Not exactly discreet.  I thought about a smaller size, but how on earth would we fit everything on it??!

One scholarship application done.  One still to go…waiting on some more information for it.
Started the process of updating our life insurance.  Emphasis on started.  (I emailed asking someone to contact us!).
Waiting for blueberry season.  It starts next week.  Yay!  I have money saved.  Double YAY!
Waiting for study to start.  I can’t believe I just said that.  But the time has come.  Counting down, and feeling excited.  Which is a very good thing after a year of freedom from exams, assignments, and weekly study requirements.

How has your week been?

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MaxineD said...

Oh Amy so sorry to hear you small like a dead hedgehog - delightful Boyo - I did try to teach him tact, but it was a bit of a lost cause :-(.
I found that cutting sugar right down helped with the post-antibiotic thrush that I used to suffer.
Love and blessings