Wednesday, January 2, 2013


We've been sampling some different and interesting food recently.  Or at least, Munchkin and Mummy have been.  Daddy is not so keen.  Although he does love the bacon and rosemary risotto we had for the second time tonight, Daddy is pretty traditional in his eating habits.  Although he's still off cucumbers.  He used to LOVE them.  I was hoping it was just a one-summer phase, this not liking cucumbers that much.  Last summer they tended to rot in the fridge.  But this summer is starting out the same; Boyo will eat them when presented at dinner, but isn't interested in cucumber sammies for some reason.  I'm going to have to be on high rotting-cucumber alert.

So here's a quick snapshot of our yummy food.  I must say I'm loving summer food.  I was a bit over soup.  Yes, even me, the lover of soup, has had my fill of it for a few months. 

Top: pesto and egg on toast, left: popcorn, right: hummus on crackers

So there's the popcorn.  Ah, a homemade snack food that is both fast and easy.  What's not to love?  I am trying not to load it with butter, salt and sugar.  Trying.  Not necessarily succeeding, but trying.  Grin.

Then I tried making pesto, inspired by a night out at a Destitute Gourmet presentation (FABULOUS!).  The risotto is one of Sophie's, by the way.  And she has a blog.  Of course, I didn't have a recipe, just a list of ingredients.  Put in just a tad too much garlic.  But that's okay.  I just added almost an entire bunch of basil from the markets, then when that wasn't enough almost an entire bunch of Italian parsley and it was all good.  Really good stuff.  Almonds, herbs, olive oil, garlic and parmesan (which I bought especially - oh, la la.  I haven't had parmesan for a couple of years and how I do love having the other half of the block available to sprinkle on my risotto!).

Then I made hummus.  A cheats version really, as it doesn't have any of that sesame seed paste stuff (tahini or something?).  I can't tell the difference.  I am simply amazed at how easy and cheap the stuff is so make!  Hommus has been a banned food in my household as it is too expensive and treat-like so you can imagine my delight in being able to make it myself for a fraction of the price. 

How something as bland and boring as chickpeas can turn into something that delicious is beyond me!  And that it is incredibly healthy, well that's just amazing.  If I want to lay it on several centimetres thick on my toast, it's okay.  I can even eat spoonfuls of it's delicious garlicy-ness if I want to (and sometimes I do!).

Munchkin has been having pesto or hummus on bread.  Beats jam or peanut butter hands down as far as nutrition goes and he seems rather taken with the hummus.  It's also a super easy addition to a sandwich for Mummy.  A burst of flavour.  Increased protein.  Excellent.  I'm hooked.


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MaxineD said...

Hmmm - love the sound of all that, bu tlike you I have a very conservative DH when it comes to eating.
Love and blessings