Monday, January 21, 2013

Out and About with Munchkin - Snippets from our Week







Stones thrown in the stream.

Door locks on public toilets.

Everything is interesting.
Especially building sites.

And of course, sushi always tastes great too.

But of course, because everything is interesting, Munchkin is usually to be found half a block behind, looking at something.  Mummy nearly has a crick in the neck, from spending so much time looking over her  shoulder.  She's about given up on trying to hurry him along, unless we have somewhere we have to be (which is probably still far too often).

We went to the mechanics.

Visited the library (this week’s favourites – I’m Dirty, The Flying Diggers, and Salty’s Secret – a Thomas book).
Pretended to be crabs (this is the sideways crab walk, very difficult to capture on camera).

Put petrol in the car.

Put socks on by himself.  First time ever!  Usually he would have given up as it took a long time, but he persevered.  Wahoo!

I’ve been trying out my brand new camera this week.  Putting it through it’s paces and seeing what it can do.
Cannon, A4000 IS Powershot.  Red.  See?

This is not a frivolous purchase.  Honest.  It’s for study.  I need something compact for practicums (teaching experiences).  Something that I can pop in a back pocket and use discretely.  Something that Boyo isn’t too attached to.  We had vouchers from a dud camera purchase early last year, so used those.  Got my camera and a new mouse for Boyo. I must be honest and admit that being so small, it might get occasional use out and about in between pracs too!

We’ve spent a lot of time this week looking at letters and numbers.
Roadworks signs.
“S for Suzz”

“A for Angel”

Water connection covers.
“E for Elizabeth

We've also seen: "L for Lydia, N for Noah, R for Roo, D for Daddy" and had our first discussions about number names.  You just never know when you might find a letter or number!

This is my life, following the interests and rambling detours of my son.  It’s a good life.  This week we went on walks, played with friends, did some errands, and generally had a quiet and happy time.

Amy - linking into Elizabeth's Sunday Snippets.


Elizabeth said...

Yay for E for Elizabeth :-)! A can also be for Asher tho, not just Angel ;-)!

SO EXCITING for him!!!

Love all your photos, and LOVING your camera; I need something like that also!

MaxineD said...

What a busy week for a small boy - although he is growing up so fast! Life as seen through a small boy;s eyes is fascinating.
Blessings and love