Wednesday, January 9, 2013

All Wrapped Up

Well, Christmas is well and truly done and dusted.
The Christmas decorations have been carefully bubble wrapped and packed away in their box in the garage to wait for next time.
The piano has returned to it's usual state (the normal ornaments and photos had to move while Christmas took our attention).

All we are left with are the memories.

Haha, I do sound a little corny.  But still, it's true.  I often find myself taking photos for the memories.  Photos in many ways ARE my memories. 

So here are some memories for you of our Christmas season past:
Like my Christmas Tree decoration?  A tea strainer (gift from my brother's wedding).  I think it makes such a beautiful decoration, and I think of them whenever I see it.
This is a bangle.  I just love the colours!  I don't wear bangles.  They just fall off, so a decoration is a great alternative!

Munchkin: "Star goes up here!"  Then everything else is supposed to hang on the star, don't you know?!
The piano was taken over by Christmas as the only reasonably high, available surface.  Munchkin decorated his own tree down on the floor.  Sometimes with his baubles, sometimes with his cars!
Thought we would get in early on the Operation Christmas Child shoe-box wrapper training.  Well, actually this was a spare and he needed something to do so the glue, paper and stickers came out!.
My copycat (bottom) of my brother and sister-in-law's idea (top).

CAKE!  Full of fruit and chocolate.  Mmmmmmm.  Super duper easy to make.  Only ever made at  Christmas because it is pricey and rather rich, what a delicious treat.

Christmas stockings.  My family tradition is mostly small  food treats - a drink, dried fruit  and lollies, maybe a small toy  or a magazine for those past toys.  We just did the nibbles this year.  My childhood stocking (made by Mum) on the right,  one given to us that has now become Boyo's in the middle, and Munchkin's new stocking on the left.
Yummy!  We used to get these mushrooms in our stockings, so how could I resist getting them for Munchkin?

I hope you made many happy memories this Christmas season.


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MaxineD said...

What great memories - and a lovely way to keep them :-).
Blessings and love