Thursday, January 10, 2013

Three Weeks

I just realised I have a little over three weeks left before I start study!


If my blog posts become one-liners, you will understand, won't you?

I've got this list of things to get done.  Most of which, I suspect, are going to remain un-done.  But hopefully I will at least feel ready.  Hmm.  Maybe ready-ish is a more realistic hope?

I bought a nice, big wall planner today.  One of those laminated year-long calendars that you can use a whiteboard marker to write important (assignment) dates on.  Now to figure out where to put it.  Do I want my lounge to be a study zone?  Or shall I go for something a little less intrusive?  I nearly bought a smaller one, but I figured there wasn't enough room to write stuff on it for me, let alone if Boyo studies this year too.  I never worried about a wall planner in previous years, relying instead on my Outlook calendar, diary and a lined refill with a week to each page instead.  But this year, I figure I might try the wall calendar option.  Being a planner, I will probably like (and hate) having a visual overview of my whole year.  Oh, and I just realised I can also put other major events on it (like my nephew's first birthday, or my ministry big events and newsletter dates).  Could be interesting.

Better go and gather some skirt fabric or I might never wear them!


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MaxineD said...

I am sure we will understand the one-liners........ although I cannot see you writing just one line:-).
Blessings and Love