Friday, March 15, 2013

Apple Biscuits and Mushroom Fest Friday!

Today is Friday (in case you had forgotten).  That means Munchkin and Mummy get to eat MUSHROOMS for dinner without anyone complaining about the smell!  Boyo feels somewhat queasy when mushrooms are cooked anywhere in his proximity.  As I really like mushrooms, and Munchkin also seems to feel similarly about them, we quite enjoy having the occasional evening with mushrooms on the menu.  Not every week.  Mummy's too lazy for that.  Many weeks we simply have leftovers on a Friday night.  It is simpler.  Less stressful.  Munchkin is more likely to get to bed almost on time.  Grin.  But this week, this week is mushroom week.  We had them on Monday night, in our fried rice (Boyo was at Polytech).  Quite tasty.  Then tonight we used the other half in a casserole.  I bought a little packet of beef just for it, and popped it all into the slow cooker after Boyo headed out to work this afternoon.  It was rather good.  I'm having the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  Looking forward to that.

Just starting to cook.

Then while the casserole casseroled, I did a kitchen experiment.  I tried making Two Ingredient Cookies with grated apple instead of banana.

Ready to mix.

Because we have a good source of apples at present (my parent's Golden Delicious trees) and bananas have gone up a little in price...not much (yet), but still, I thought it would be interesting to see if they work without bananas.  Well, they do, but they aren't as good.  The apple isn't really mushy enough, you know.  I had to add an egg and a dash of milk to help it all stick, plus a couple tablespoons of flour.  They certainly taste good though!  Just not quite as simple to make.  I'm wondering if they'd be better with apple puree though?  Our apples turn into quite a good pulp when cooked.  They are pretty terrible stewing apples to be honest, but they make nice apple sauce.  I could do apple sauce and oat cookies perhaps?  What do you think?

Ready to eat!


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MaxineD said...

That slow cooker meal looks yummy!!
You could try with the apple puree - I really don't know, but nothing venture, nothing gained :-)
Love and Blessings