Sunday, March 24, 2013


Well, the good news is that Munchkin is well.

I, however, am not.

Again.  Or should I say still?

Second cold in two weeks, as if living through the full range of symptoms wasn’t bad enough the first time, I’m now getting to do it all over again.

Doctors, here I come.  In retrospect, I should have gone Friday, but I didn’t think of it until I no longer had a car to get there.

The week in brief:

We had an unexpected day at home alone on Monday. 

Made a snake puppet for Munchkin.

This is what he did with the buttons while I sewed on the eyes.

Snakey then had to eat a very large quantity of buttons.  Snakey prefers gold ones.  Just in case you ever need to know (Mummy was ‘being’ Snakey and Munchkin was offering various buttons for Snakey’s gastronomic delight).

Then I made some shorts for Bunny.  Just a really quick flick, no proper hemming, no pattern.  Quite chuffed with myself as I’ve never made shorts before.  They are not quite right, but like my preschooler will care.  He hasn’t actually shown that much interest in them.  I made them because Bunny had to wear a nappy and shorts to bed one night last week.  Grin.

Later in the week we were again home and spent a lot of time with the playdough.  First we made numbers.  Then we did driving and tunnels and roads (which is the most frequent use of playdough in this car-mad house).

Poor Licorice was subjected to an excited preschooler.  She survived admirably.  She’s pretty tenacious really, which is useful.  Mummy intervened when the boy became too boisterous.  Meanwhile Squeek was privileged to enjoy the more quiet ministrations from Mummy’s hands.  Munchkin has a VERY decided preference for Licorice…has since day one.  Not sure why.

Made the most delicious pumpkin soup (and for less than 80c per serve including some basic toast!)!

Collected feijoas from by one of our walkways…very early, some not quite ripe, but those that are ripe are so, so tasty.  Boyo and I both love feijoas.  Munchkin does too, though he does keep confusing them with passionfruit!

Saw some silver-eyes eating not-quite-ripe figs on the way home.

Spent a day socialising on and off with friends on Friday. So nice.  So, so nice, despite the fact that I could barely talk, my throat has been that bad.

Enjoyed the company of Munchkin’s grandparents on Saturday.  We had pikelets with jam and cream to celebrate Poppa’s birthday (happy birthday, Poppa!), then went out to a model shop to browse.  Very impressive.  Note to self: excellent source of future birthday material should small boy continue with car-truck-digger-anything that moves-interest!

Aww, three generations, all car, plane and model mad in one form or another!

Munchkin has enjoyed mashed banana and yoghurt recently…he helped put the yoghurt in this one.  Plus we added a dash of honey and cinnamon and served it in his blue bowl.  Very posh.

I have a new book to read.  Very inspiring, a great one for anyone who wants to see the world, visit other cultures, or just read some witty comments!  As I am spending most of my time sitting down doing very little, trying to nurse my head, my cough, and my poor tired body, I’m making slow but steady progress.

The boys are watching motorbike racing this afternoon.  I’ve been knitting, reading, and pretending to be asleep with the occasional burst of activity, such as now!  Our pastor came and prayed for my health today, such a blessing.  We’ve enjoyed a walk in the warm sun without feeling over-done by the time we got home, another blessing.  There is chilled water in my fridge and a reasonably large supply of cough syrup on top of the microwave (what I haven’t yet used already!).  I think I might go and get a ‘piggie’ to cuddle after my next rest.

How has your week been?

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MaxineD said...

What a horrible run you are having health-wise - glad to hear you were prayed for. Praying you are well very soon.
We enjoyed our visit thank you :-)
Love and blessings

Elizabeth said...

Hope the new house gives you and Munchy a much better run this winter... it has been a rough few years for you both!

LOVE that photo of Dad, Boyo and Munchy!