Sunday, March 17, 2013

Two Weeks in One

At least half of the past two weeks have been a bit of a write off due to illness. 
Didn’t see very many people at all.
Didn’t really get up to much, other than way too much tissue and TV use.

Here’s what else we did (other than feeling yuck):

Munchkin watched Vege Tales. 

Mummy baked.  The chocolate slice Elizabeth did recently, but I cheated and instead of doing two layers of icing I did just the one: choc peppermint.  The slice itself is average.  I eat it for the icing, unashamedly!  Slice with icing, divine.  Won’t be making this often.  Simply because I ate nearly the whole thing on my own, not a good idea.  I also made a huge loaf from a recipe of my Granny’s.  It was originally a date loaf.  I made it with dates, zucchini and walnuts.  Very tasty.

Mummy refilled the honey bottle.  Feeling quite proud of that.  A squeezy honey bottle is very handy, but the pottle costs less.  Solution: refill!

Munchkin and Mummy made more toilet cleaner.

We had two visitors.
The first wanted to eat our sunflowers.  Boyo managed a few pictures through the bedroom window.

The second was just friendly.  It has been back multiple times, despite the fact that it’s owners came and picked it up Tuesday night after we cornered it into a box (okay, Boyo was the genius who managed that) and canvassed the neighbourhood to find out where it lives.  Down the cul-de-sac.  Not even a near neighbour, this bunny gets around.  It has visited at least four other houses that I know of.  Really need to go and chat with its owners about suitable corralling of bunny rabbits and all that.  Otherwise I will have to call the SPCA, it is obviously not safe for a tame rabbit to be visiting around the neighbourhood (and that’s if it manages to NEVER touch my vegetable garden!).

We have watched a lot of diggers, scrapers, bulldozers, and more next door to Munchkin’s preschool.  They are building a new road.  All very exciting, and apparently Munchy and another boy had a great deal of fun imitating them in the sandpit this past week.

Munchkin did some painting and drawing (this one got rolled up afterwards, and a ribbon tied around it by Mummy – to make it look like the rolling was part of Mummy’s great plan which of course it was not, Munchkin just decided that he felt like rolling!).

Munchkin’s been having a lot of fun carting all manner of things around in his dump trucks…with or without Mummy or Daddy also brmmming one along too.  Soft toys this time round.
We had a helium balloon inside.  Lots of fun for a day or two. 
Munchkin has had conjunctivitis.  As if two colds in less than six weeks wasn’t enough.  Ugh.
We saw a crane down our street and stopped to have a look. 

Munchkin successfully navigated pegs and hung up three items (without any fingers getting jammed either!).  Pegs are really quite tricky to keep open while trying to hold up a piece of clothing on a washing rack.

And having said all that, it is now time to get the Munchkin up from his afternoon nap.  I wonder what we will do this afternoon?



MaxineD said...

What a busy boy despite not being well.
Cute visitor, but not for the garden!!
Love and blessings

Anonymous said...

It's the use of too much toilet tissue illnesses that I dread.  ツ

Elizabeth said...

Hope all the bugs settle down soon... we have Button on multi-vits and vit c, and the difference to her health has been amazing! Can't say I am looking forward to winter tho :-(!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!