Monday, March 11, 2013

My Week in Ruins

Munchkin got sick on Thursday night.
That means I've (currently) had four nights of very disturbed sleep.
To make matters worse, I also got sick by Saturday night.
So I had a raging sore throat (the kind you take panadol and ibuprofen for and still can't sleep properly!) and more than enough snot to start my own glue factory, if I could get it out...yup, I am a snot-ball which is not at all unusual for me when I have a cold, but doesn't help me feel any less miserable.
Munchkin had a temperature, threw up over me on Friday morning, and refused to be comforted by anyone other than his Mummy...and even that wasn't really enough.  As he stated, "This ear making funny noises, Mummy." we headed off to the doctor.  Antibiotics, plus various other things and Munchkin is, I am pleased to say, on the mend.  But he's now hypo from ventolin and redipred (prednisone) as he got yet another secondary chest infection...fortunately I wacked the meds into him early enough that he hasn't been labouring for breath this time round, just averagely miserable.  Sunday morning we watched over 3hrs of dvds.  I am SO OVER Thomas the Tank Engine!

 But I am grateful
Grateful he got sick on a Thursday night, after I'd done most of my study for the week.  Hoping he will be well enough for the study/kindy days this week as I can't afford to get behind.
Grateful Boyo cleaned up the vomit while I comforted the boy.
Grateful Boyo took Friday off work and was here to fetch and carry.
Grateful Boyo made dinner last night.
Grateful we got a doctor's appointment so late on a Friday.
Grateful we didn't have to spend a night in A & E.
Grateful it wasn't a vomitting bug.
Grateful my boy thinks that his Mummy is a safe place to cry, that he loves me.

But still annoyed and depressed and tired and grumpy.  Grumpy, grumpy, grumpy.  My attempt at an afternoon sleep yesterday backfired when Munchkin was unsettled.  I was on the edge of extreme exhaustion before Thursday.  Ugh.  Then there was the internet and landline that was malfunctioning when I needed to use them.  And then my mobile decided to go on the fritz.  Still waiting for techies working on that one.  Letting a good friend down this morning when she needed us most.  Just one thing on top of another, you know.  Will this never end?

Guess I might just go and watch some more Thomas now.  Or rather, lie on the couch and hopefully drift while Munchy baby enjoys his Thomas.  Tired grin.



Elizabeth said...

Poor Munchy and poor Mummy - hope you're both feeling better today :-(!

MaxineD said...

Oh Amy - those days are the worst - but they do fade, as do the memory, in due time.
Hope you are all on the mend/mended by now.
Love and blessings