Monday, March 4, 2013

Snippets of Happiness

I read a quote by Rhonda Jean this week that I think is very accurate:

“Happiness is rarely one big thing, it's a hundred small fragments that come together to make what we feel.”  

So here are a few of the small things that have added to my happiness this week...

Cloudless days and nights with a full and glorious moon.

Watching my son’s headlong run towards his daddy’s open arms.

Reading together.  Being asked questions like, “What you're doing, Mummy?”  Big smoochie kisses (after being made to pretend to cry, of course!).

Stroking soft, soft guinea pig hair.



The ones I deliberately planted didn't flourish.  These are from discarded damp guinea pig food!  Taller than me, as you can see.  And beautiful.  Beautiful.

Wonderful hubby hugs.  He gives the best hugs in the whole world.

Impromtu outings with grandparents.  Munchkin went for a ride and got to see diggers, trucks, and more along the way.  Mummy fed the chickens without wondering what he was getting up to.  Good stuff.

Homemade pasta sauce.  One icecream container of ripe tomatoes, some herbs, onion and garlic.  Chopped roughly, simmered gently with a bit of salt and sugar.  Pureed and frozen.  Rather tasty, if I do say so myself.

Yummy lunches.  Some bugs joined us one day, before Munchkin finished off Mummy’s corn.

New shoes. On sale. I only wish they’d make a half size.  The 3 is too small, but the 4 really a bit big…I try a 3 every year.  This year I tried about four different ones, just in case…but still came home with size 4.  25% off and right when I needed to get new shoes!!  And they were the ONLY pair in my size (otherwise I might have bought two, grin!).

Online submission.  Yay, a piece of amazing twenty-first century technology that saves me five days on assignments, a trip to the post shop, paying for printing and postage, and untold stress.  Instead, I just load it up, and hit send.  Excellent.

New cushions, also on sale.  Munchkin has had the pillow that used to be on our too-deep-for-short-legs couch, so it’s nice to feel like I can couch-sit comfortably again (the new ones are tan and red - Munchkin decided his bunny and train needed to be on the couch too).

A garlic press (on sale too – I was at Briscoes!).  Silly me wanted one for years, then finally got one, only to leave it in Oz for some strange reason, and then want one again for three years before I have now finally got one again.  Grin.

The park with friends and watching Munchkin and his buddy running around together, calling each other, enjoying each other.  All while sitting in the shade enjoying the company of my friend.

The beach for dinner and a play.  Hot chips, corn cobs, boiled eggs, carrot sticks, and cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and beans from our garden.

I hope you too had many 'snippets' of happiness this week.


Linking in with Elizabeth.  And a final photo of a very cool red alarm clock!


MaxineD said...

What a fabulous happy week - I have taken for my 'word' this year Joy and find that inspirational too.
Love and blessings

Elizabeth said...

LOVE the sunflowers and so jealous about the passionfruit - can't remember the last time I had some!

I love this idea - I tend to get way wordy, but your 'Little Snippets' is cool!