Sunday, September 25, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

The reason  you have not been hearing from me much lately (aside from being a little bit out-blogged after all the Live Below the Line posts!)...

I am painting.

And reminding myself that if I want the chook cage to last, it is worth painting.  Sigh.  It is so time consuming, and I have just three weeks left to get it all finished.  Three weeks before I have to knuckle down again and complete yet another monstrously large assignment then study for an exam.  Last week I gave myself a bit of leeway and had a few afternoon naps.  This week I will be a sterner task master for sure!  Nothing like a deadline to get oneself motivated!  Grin.



MaxineD said...

Oh Amy - you did not show us the 'paint in hair' photo!! :-)

Amy said...

That's because such photos do not exist! Although I am sure there will be many more opportunities for Boyo to snap me with paint in places it shouldn't be. I am a messy cook. And a messy painter.