Sunday, September 25, 2011

Loving the Little Things

This week there are a few little things that I am loving a lot:

New Gloves!

My old ones had decided to go to holes.  I rely heavily on my fingerless gloves.  My hands seem to be perpetually cold all winter long!  Fingerless gloves mean I can knit, type, and do most anything that doesn't involve large quantities of water or gooey material (kneading bread, for instance, is out - I did have to take my gloves off when our breadmaker decided to stop this afternoon and I had to knead a loaf by hand or have it go to loaf later, I am really missing the breadmaker!).  I found these lovely gloves at our local Farmers Market - made by a local lady from merino.  Soft as soft.  Warm, warm, warm.  And a PERFECT FIT!  Now, if you know me, you will know that this is a miracle.  I snapped them up.  Handed over my $12 with great happiness and have not regretted it since. 


Spring really must be here.  Or my chives think so at least, and that is the important thing!  I love chives.  So love chives.  Chives on poached eggs.  Chives on salad.  Chives with mashed potato.  Chives go with just about anything.  Every winter I feel ripped off when my chives go dormant.  Every spring I have a little celebration when I get to eat the very first leaf again!

New shoes. 

Are they cool or what?!?  Munchin needed something bigger (again!) and with a more waterproof sole.  He just LOVES his shoes. 

Avocados.  And even more than that?  FREE avocados! 

Boyo climbed a tree.  Seriously.  Quite high by the sounds of things.  I wasn't even there, he did it out of the goodness of his avocado-tastes-yuck-but-my-wife-loves-it heart!  Then a workmate gave him three.  Then someone at church brought in a huge load of windfall ones.  I got a few more for me, and some for Mum.  Yummy.  Yummy.  Yummy.  And along similar lines, I am loving the free apples my mum dropped off.  I stewed them up and Munchkin and I are once more eating apple with our morning porridge.  So appreciate the free food right now, with groceries being so high.  Incidentally, apple peel makes a great all round can even eat it when you get tired of playing with it!

And one last thing I'm so loving this week:  Ornaments.  Now, I am not usually considered an ornamenty kind of person.  My husband was a bit shocked to hear that I had not only impulse purchased, but bought ornaments!  But these are special ornaments, or at least I think so.  They are from TradeAid.  So helping provide the people who made them with a real livelihood.  And they are cute.  They make me smile.  I might play with them with Munchkin when he is old enough to appreciate that they must be handled gently (they are fairly brittle clay or something).  Aren't they just delightful?!



MaxineD said...

Yes, those ornaments ARE cute - I agree.
Hmmm, apple peel as a toy and food - awesome!

PaisleyJade said...

Wow - really love your fingerless gloves. They sound really warm!

I am obsessed with anything pig related so am in love with your piggy ornaments!!