Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Waste Not Wednesday

Today being Wednesday, I decided it was high time to use up some of our fridge contents.  Before they grow mould.  Or smell odd.  Or go all goopey.  You get the general idea: use it NOW rather than throw it out later!

A blessing?
Mushrooms!  Boyo hates mushrooms.  Their smell makes him feel ill.  But he was out today, so Munchkin and I tucked into a rather decent serving of mushrooms cooked in a little butter, sweet chilli and worchester sauce.  Mmmmm, yum!  They were a gift from a very generous family last week.  One can definitely NOT waste a gift!  They have now all been used.  Which is a little sad, but never mind. They were delicious!

Potatoes.  Wrinkly.  They weren't all that great to start with, but they are still really quite edible once I get over my hatred of small wrinkly, dirty things to peel!

Need to use up?
A bit of leftover salad dressing from the weekend (homemade - olive oil, salt and pepper, balsamic vinegar, and mustard).
Alfalfa.  Very nice stuff I bought.  I'm going to start sprouting my own again soon though!  Had our first tomato of the season too (store-bought, hothouse grown - won't be eating many of them for awhile as they are still too pricey!).

Broccoli.  Our plants are producing very well just now and I hate to let any of it go to seed when I could be eating it instead!

The meal?
Potato and sausage bake
Salad (I actually prefer broccoli raw to half-dead, falling apart - it tastes better and has a much nicer texture!)  Didn't have much in the way of lettuce as I'm due to pick some more from the Big Garden tomorrow, so our salad was mostly spinach. 

Very scrummy.

Leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

I am happy.  There are a few less items in my fridge in danger of being wasted, and we had a really nice meal.

What food have you used up today, or what do you still need to find a use for?



MaxineD said...

All I had time for after getting home today was a frozen pizza base topped and some frozen veg. :-)

Elizabeth said...

*Shudder* mushrooms!

Is that the recipe you offered to send me? The potato and sausage one that is, not the mushrooms ;-)!