Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blobbing and Blogging

I have so many ideas and blog posts half finished!  Some sit cosily in my mind, mulled over each week as I go about my daily business.  Others are half formed in a word document.  A line, a sentence, a few paragraphs.  But there's the catch.  They are unfinished.  Snippets.  Bits and bobs.  Nothing really concrete or complete.  I am hankering to get knuckled down into the world of writing again.  Writing for the pleasure of it, rather than the necessity.  Now that my assignments are finished, my whole being wants to sink, contented to the ground in one big heap of exhaustion and relief. 
I'm fighting it, this urge to blob.  Blobbing is for those with free time.  This is a luxury I still have only in small doses.  I have to haul myself through one and a half more weeks of full course work before I can blog.  Opps, blob.  And blog.  You get the idea.  Rest and relaxation are heading my way and I am hanging out for it, but I'm just not quite there yet.  All those half-finished ideas, partly formed thoughts, and semi-written blog posts will have to wait just a little bit longer.  I hope you don't mind waiting?



MaxineD said...

Of course we don't mind waiting - love your blog posts :-)

Elizabeth said...

Ha - I am SO in the same boat, but only because I don't have the energy to put them into words...