Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Christmas is Racing Towards Us!

Already it is the middle of September.  I find myself wondering where on earth the rest of the year has gone.  Has it really, truly been an entire year since I last wrapped, strapped and shipped out shoe boxes???  Perhaps not quite.  I seem to recall that last year's boxes were only ready one day before the cut-off for shipping.  This year I am super-duper organised.  But don't congratulate me for my amazing organisational skills.  I can't take too much credit.  I suspect it is that I'm a part-time student this year!  Less assignments.  Earlier practicum break too.  So here I am, a whole month early and my boxes are almost ready.  I need another five clothing items...not sure when I'm going to get to that yet, but that's the only thing left to do, other than drop them off and make my online shipping donation!  Wahoo!

I only had to wrap half the boxes this week, which has helped incredibly.  Mum and Boyo came to the rescue, and did a few with me Monday night.  My co-wrappers did not, however, consent to photographs of their wrapping in progress so you will just have to take my word for it!  Plus there were the ones we did on Christmas Day. 

So now I have a stack of boxes on my dining table.  I'll have to find somewhere else to put them I guess, seeing as it's a few weeks before I will drop them off yet.  Last year's deadline was 25 October, so if you've been contemplating doing a shoebox or two, you still have time to head out this weekend and get your skipping rope, flannel (facecloth), pencils, teddy bear and more!  The best kind of therapy for those of us who are gift-givers!

Now here's an original problem for you.  How do you get an A5 writing book into a narrow little women's shoe box?!

This way?  No, maybe that way!  Ah-ha.  Slide it down the side, and curve.  Hold.  Bang that lid on quick!  Now get a rubber band around it before it pops off again!



MaxineD said...

well done Amy!! they look awesome.

Elizabeth said...

Wow - impressive Amy!