Sunday, August 28, 2011

I LOVE FOOD (Among Other Things)!

In conjunction with Paisley Jade's Things I'm Loving, I thought I'd tell you all just how much I am LOVING FOOD this weekend!!!  After having eaten lentils, beans, rice, oats and not a great deal else for five days, I am savouring the taste of sugar.  Enjoying the delight of variety, the taste of fruit.  Bread.  Yoghurt.  No oats or rice or lentils!  (To read more about our epic adventure in eating belowo the extreme poverty line of $2.25NZ a day click on the tab up to your right - Live Below the Line!).

My first meal after finishing Live Below the Line?

Toast.  Boring old toast.  Butter.  Vegemite.  Crunchy, warm, fragrant toast.  DELICIOUS!  Served with a cup of hot black current cordial.  Mmmm.  See my delight?  See my taste buds dancing up and down?!

My first snack?  Mashed banana and yoghurt with just a dash of spices and sugar.  Mmmmmmmm.

Loving soup.  Not the green gunk called soup that I ate twice a day while on Live Below the Line.  Nope.  This soup has sweet chilli sauce.  Oh my.  The smell of that soup!  I ate four small bowlfuls yesterday and finished the rest for afternoon tea today.

Other things I'm loving?

My parents.  They are incredible.  They live such generous lives.  They did Live Below the Line too you know.  While working full time.  I owe them a huge debt of gratitude.  It is through their lives that I am constantly reminded of the life God calls us to live.  Honest, productive, and generous.

Friends.  I have been blown away by the support of some really awesome people through this week of challenge.  Their messages of hope and encouragement have kept me (mostly!) sane.  I feel so blessed to know such people. 

A dishes-free evening!  Wahoo!  Boyo did the dishes before he headed out to work.  So nice to have one less thing on my to-do list this evening.

The washing is done (at least for now).

Mamma Mia!  And a study-free zone!  Yes, tonight I am not studying.  I FINISHED an assignment!  The REALLY big one!  Posting it tomorrow, just in time.  So tonight I am going to crawl into my pjs and my dressing gown, collect my self saucing chocolate pudding (yum yum yummy!), plonk myself in my cosy chair and watch tv.  I am gonig to knit.  I am not going to rush around trying to get a host of things done.  Ah, I need this.  I just LOVE musicals.  I dream of being in one myself some day.  I mean, what can possibly be better than a musical?  Dancing!  Singing!  Acting!  Costumes!  A stage and an audience!  Imaginary places and stories!  All in one complete package!  I will sing along.  Not loud enough that you'll hear me through the blog-o-sphere, but I promise you, I won't be able to help but sing along.  And I'll probably sing the songs for the next week.  They are those sort of songs.  Or at least I will sing them until Tiny Boppers (Munchkin's baby-boppin music programme on Wednesday - those songs are rather catchy too!).

That's me, folks.  Grateful for food and a lot of other things.  But Mamma Mia is calling and I have a date with relaxation!



Elizabeth said...

Sounds like the perfect evening... wish I had the energy to join you!

Alas, I am about to head off to bed, this fatigue is doing my head in!

PaisleyJade said...

Mmmm - drooling after reading this!!

MaxineD said...

I trust you enjoyed your evening - no, I did not hear you singing ;-), but i can imagine the bliss of an evening totally to yourself1