Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blanket Mania

Yesterday Munchkin and I revelled in blankets.  We soaked in their bright colours, crazy patterns, and soft wool.  It was our annual Blanket Mania day!  Offically, it was the Bay of Plenty wrap up party for Operation Cover Up.  But seriously, there were enough blankets there that we could just call it blanket mania!  Blankets hanging over chairs, blankets piled high on tables, blankets bagged in ones or twos or fives in big rubbish bags.  Plain coloured blankets, multicoloured ones, bright colours, muted tones, big squares, small stripes.  You name it, that blanket was probably there!  Then there were all the hats, scarves, and jerseys too! 
I love going for the inspiration.  "Oh," I think to myself, "I could do one like this next time.  That's a great idea!"  I love going so I can feel connected with others (this is my second year of going to see other people's blankets, when I've been knitting now for nearly seven).  And this year, Munchkin got to come with me.  We took the stroller.  He's too heavy for me to hold now.  The stroller is really not designed for indoor use.  Great for walkways.  Copes brilliantly with rough terrain and steps.  Not so good in a room full of crowded people, many elderly, sipping tea and eating cake!  Let's just say I was a bit worried someone was going to trip over us or get their toes run over, but we made it through without incident.  After snapping a bazillion photos (okay so maybe it wasn't QUITE that much!), I let Munchy out for a wander.  He found a ball.  Of wool.  It bounced quite well.  He wandered around and duly received a few ohhs and ahhhs and "What a gorgeous boy" comments. 

Here is my blanket, on the table ready to be bagged up with all the others!

I handed in my blanket with a whole bunch of stationary, soaps, toothpaste and toothbrushes donated by my mum. 

Picked up a newsletter (and Munchkin got to keep his ball of wool!).

And off we went again.  Tears nearly forming in my eyes as I realised I am a small part of something much bigger, something very generous, very colourful, and very warm!

And here is the photo gallery for your viewing pleasure:



MaxineD said...

What can I say but WOW! these photos are amazing - it must have been so inspiring to be there!

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a fun day! Some lovely looking blankets there!