Sunday, August 7, 2011


I came up with a somewhat novel solution to the problem of our no-fence.  By no-fence I mean that Munchkin can in essence wander from our front door, down the driveway, past the front unit, and onto the road.  What is more likely is that either our car or our neighour's van or car would have an altercation with him.  As he is smaller than they are, I have been feeling somewhat worried that he would almost undoubtedly come off second best!  But he does so like to be outside.  We have a lovely backyard, which is fenced on three sides.  Just not from the driveway.  It also doesn't really have good all-weather areas...they are right around the back of the house, in an area we almost never frequent.  So I wanted to find a way to fence our yard for my peace of mind and Munchkin's safety, without great time or cost, and hopefully managing to get a small amount of our front area (pebbles and concrete) included so he can have something to do on damp days other than soak his clothing crawling through the lawn!  Yes, he does still crawl, when walking isn't fast enough, or the ground is too uneven.  Common occurrences when outside.

Here is the solution:

It is a pet playpen.  Or rather, two.  My parents have one for when Munchy visits them, and it works really well.  So I got two cheaper versions, hoping to join them together.  Slight glitch when I discovered that they don't open out completely flat like my parent's one due to how the hinges work...solved by having a non-straight fence.  It is actually quite stable.  The hinges are pegged into the ground, along with some extra pegs here and there.  I am quite pleased.

And what did Munchkin get up to while I was busy trying bits of fence this way, that way, and the other way again?  Exploring, of course!  Under supervision, I might add.  Despite the fence-building, which meant that the whole process did take the better part of our afternoon. 

We both enjoyed our time outside.


ps - no worms were harmed in the making of this blog post!


MaxineD said...

Well done Amy!! I am sure the peace of mind is well worth the effort!

Elizabeth said...

Such a cool idea!