Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fundraising Update!

We start Live Below the Line tomorrow morning!!!  On the eve of our big adventure in eating, I thought it might be nice to give you a fundraising update:

Online total: $140
Cash total:   $85.80

So that makes $225.80 raised so far to help the people of Maridi in South Sudan!  We are so excited to have got this far!

But we want to raise more.  More than double that, in fact.  We are aiming for $500.  So if you've been thinking about it and just haven't got there yet, sponsor us now!  If you don't think you've got enough to help, you are WRONG.  Even $1 makes a difference to people living in extreme poverty.    Come on, help us make the world a better place.  Change a child's life.  A grandma's life.  A whole community!

If I can eat beans and rice for five days, anyone can!  Seriously.  I dare you to try it, even if just for one meal.  Eat, and remember how blessed we are to have choices, to have income, to have housing, to have clean water, to have loved ones around us.

Tune in tomorrow for a sneak peak at my meals!  Boyo's menu will also feature.  I think Live Below the Line is also featuring on TV tomorrow morning in NZ.  6:30am on Breakfast. I plan on watching!  Dressing gown over my clothes no doubt, bowl of breakfast in hand!  I might even take a photo for you all.  Maybe. 


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