Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I was hoping to link this up with Things I'm Loving...but I guess I will just have to wait for Paisley Jade to open up another linky!  It's Wednesday and I have time to the blogging must take place, early though I be!    Linking up now

This week, I am loving MY HAT

Seriously, this is the bestest hat EVER.  It comes right down over my pour, beleagered ears.  In all honestly, I have to admit that I own three hats.  All for practical purposes.  My light polarfleece pink and purple one is good for warmer weather.  My blue one (which Boyo still claims is his, but I tell you, he did give it to me!) is an in-between warmth.  I wear it to bed.  Or at least I do normally.  I appear to have misplaced it somewhere between morning and night on Monday and have yet to discover just what I've done with it this time!  I had to wear the pink one.  Which is okay I guess, but it isn't as long, so comes off my ears.  Do you get the feeling that I get earache?  Frequently.  Easily.  A lot!  Sometimes for no apparent reason.  Usually because there is a very slight, minute wiff of a breeze.  I also own a headband, bought for me by my wonderful mother-in-law.  It gets used almost every day over summer.  It's too hot for wooly hats then.  But I STILL get earache.  Ugh.  I am currently in love with my hat.  Again.  I was last year, and the year before too. I can't imagine not being so next year!

Daphne.  The scent is just delicious.  The next-best-thing to having your own daphne bush is having a neighbour with one.  It kind of just floats in and out on the breeze.  Lovely. 

I'm so grateful for a boy who is well and happy.  After both of us being sick for several weeks, I am SO enjoying being in his company, and having him sleep long-long-long-long times (he played catch-up mode all last week, sleeping till 8:30 most mornings - this week we are back to usual 7-7:30 wake ups).  I have gotten two assignments done!!!  Couldn't have asked for a more important week for Munchkin to sleep well than last week.

I love BUNNIES! 

My friend's bunnies.  They are Bugs and Lola.  And they are the cutest things ever.  They are very, very tame and laid back.  Plus they have a baby just Munchkin's age, so don't seem to mind little fingers having a 'gentle' pat.  Munchkin thought Lola was just wonderful.  Mummy wanted to take Lola home.  There is something so therapeutic about stroking an animal.  Boyo does tell me from time to time (when I talk about getting a pet) that I could just stroke his head.  But it is not the same!  Animals and people, we were meant to go together somehow.  I am reminding myself that we are getting chooks.  And that 3 chookies and one small boy will be enough to look after for the next year.  I'm planning plenty more visits to Bugs and Lola for more loving-the-soft-fluffy-bunny-cuddles!

I must admit to a slight addiction.  I am a late bloomer.  Chocolate has snuck in on me by degrees over the past few years.  A few months ago I found the Destitute Gourmet's Self-Saucing Chocolate Pudding. 

Ah.  Bliss in a bowl!  I can't eat chocolate at night you see, the cocoa keeps me awake.  Sleep being at a premium, I had been left to fight my cravings alone and desperate.  No longer.  I have a new friend.  I love Self Saucing Chocolate Pudding.  Too much.  Well, maybe not.  I don't eat biscuits or cake during the maybe it's okay to indulge at night?  I am a sucker for that gooey, sweet, chocolatey taste.  Warmth.  The chocolate smell wafting through our house.  Mmm.  I am almost drooling.  So loving my pudding.  And so want to have some more right now!



MaxineD said...

Great to know that Munchy gave you some peace before these next teeth!!
It's years since I made a self saucing pudding.... no, I will not succumb!!

Elizabeth said...

Chocolate - hhhmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!

PaisleyJade said...

I love your hat!!! Also love chocolate and self-saucing puddings! Must search out that recipe as it sounds good. Thanks so much for joining in!!!