Sunday, August 14, 2011


I've set a stop-loss for the Challenge.  In case you're wondering, a stop-loss is basically a safety mechanism.  A pull-the-plug point.  At which point in a venture will you decide that enough is enough and it is time to give up and move on, that you've lost too much time, money, or sleep over something that is not returning you what you hoped?  You might apply a stop-loss to negotiations over buying a new house (if we can't get it for $xxxxxx then we will walk away because the house is not worth more than that, or we can't pay for more than that).  You might use one for a business venture (if the business doesn't make us money by such-and-such a date, we will fold it up and do something else).  Any area of our lives can have stop-losses applied to it.  In fact, we often do this unconsciously.  For instance, how bad does a meal have to be before you stop eating it?  For me, if food tastes burnt, I won't eat.  The experience is not worth it for me.  If it's a bit bland or salty though, usually I will just keep eating it.

So, stop-loss.  I have decided that I need to protect and look after myself while doing the Challenge.  I am in full semester mode (which means I have to study throughout the Challenge).  Hopefully I will get enough work done this week that I don't need to get up at 5am to study.  5am study means I eat two breakfasts!  Not really an option on the Challenge.  I also have a 15month old son, who has been teething on and off lately.  We are praying the teeth stay still for a couple of weeks! 

I've decided that if I feel physically unwell to the point I can't function, I will eat more.  But I won't stop doing the Challenge.  I will go to my cupboard and pull out some more food, yes.  But Challenge-type food.  Only stuff that is the same as what I will already be eating on the Challenge.  So my stop-loss is that if I am unwell, I can eat more, but not different.  Sound okay?


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MaxineD said...

Sounds very wise!! for everybody'e sake.