Sunday, August 14, 2011

Breaking the Rules

You might have read that the Live Below the Line Challenge comes with its own set of special rules so we don't cheat.  Because it is meant to give us at least some idea of the real issues faced by real people living in really extreme poverty and we can't experience that if we keep making ourselves concessions.
This said, I am breaking the rules.
One rule.
I am using our garden produce.

#1 - I had been wanting to do a challenge like this since I was pregnant with Munchkin, but managed to convince myself that it was too hard and I couldn't do it on my own.  My original challenge was going to be living on $2US a day and using garden produce.  I was also going to allow some oil, salt, and sauces from my cupboard in my original ideas.  I'm sticking to the garden produce being allowed but not the others.

#2 - I want to look at food security.  Being a gardener, and interested in food production, supply, and security I want to look at how having access to food you have grown yourself can increase your nutrition, food security, and overall wellbeing.  This Challenge is a good opportunity to do so.  We have not planted or planned anything for the Challenge.  It is just what happens to be there from our autumn plantings.  Greens and herbs.  I will be keeping a daily record of what I eat from the garden and how I feel that affects my wellbeing throughout the Challenge.  Boyo has turned up his nose at utilising the garden.  It doesn't really go with his meal plan (which you will read about during Challenge week)!

This week I will be actively clearing our fridge by degrees.  No fresh food allowed in there by Monday week, other than what Munchkin is eating!  It seems silly to waste food by doing a food challenge, so I will likely soup all remaining veges on Saturday and freeze what doesn't get eaten by Sunday night.  That way I also remove as much temptation as possible.  Of course there is still the pantry to consider.  Grin.

I finished tweaking my menu plan for the Challenge yesterday (I think! It has had a few revisions already!).  Lots of weighing, calculation, and muttering to myself.  But I'm not going to show you the final product until Challenge week! 


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MaxineD said...

I agree with you rule breaking - if only for your own nutrition :-)