Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day Two

Here we are on Day Two of Live Below the Line.

I want cheese.

I want bacon.  Or chicken.  Or just about any meat.  Maybe even luncheon (which I normally don't touch!).

I want toast.  With butter. 

I want sultanas.

I want chocolate.  Ah, chocolate.  Chocolate pudding.  Chocolate cake.  Hot chocolate.  Whittaker's Creamy Milk chocolate.  I want chocolate.

You get the idea.  I want a whole lot of things. Mostly, I just want to eat constantly!
I am reminding myself that:
"It is only five days."  "Not the rest of my life."  "Not starvation."  "Just can't have whatever I want, whenever, that's all."  "For a good cause."

I still feel a little deprived.  Especially watching my son eat!

My husband told me this morning that he thinks perhaps I should wear this bib for the rest of the week:

Yup, I am a bit grumpy.  Okay, quite grumpy.  Irrational grumpiness is one of my hunger signs.

Boyo is still cruising along just fine.  How he manages I don't know!  We were joking this morning that he has lots of variety.  He can eat wheatbiscuits in a bowl, on a plate, with water, without, crushed up, or whole.  He can eat bread toasted, squished into a ball between his fingers, cut into triangles or slices or squares, from the inside out or the outside in.  He can eat standing up, or sitting down.  On a couch or on the floor.  Inside or outside.  Variety!  It's all about how you view it.

Breakfast is proving problematic for me.  While the rest of the day is rather unexciting, and a bit skimpy, it is survivable.  Breakfast, however, I am really struggling with.  There's just not enough of it.  Even with my banana thrown in.  And it's taking 30-45minutes to make.  Wholegrain oats take AGES to cook.  So I've come up with a plan.

Here's supper tonight:

I've popped it in the fridge to soak, in the hopes that it might halve the cooking time.  If it works, I'll do the same for tomorrow's breakfast.

And dinner tonight?  The same as last night:

Amy (the hungry-grumpy one!)

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MaxineD said...

Grump/hungry is quite normal in this house too!! :-)
Try placing the oats in boiling water and leave someplace like the microwave overnight to start them, then they only take about 3x three minutes in the microwave, starting with a 50% power then the last two full power.